Life, Love and Happiness through Natural Healing

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Welcome to Explore Live!  After several years of life in the really fast lane we are giving it all up and starting this business of health and healing to follow our hearts to happiness and help others do the same. We completely understand the angst and ill health that kind of lifestyle creates and we are here to help guide you back to health through Wellness Coaching and Hypnotherapy, Homeopathic consulting, Lifestyle modifications, Diet consultations and Crystal Healing.

After trying out faced paced corporate careers in advertising, we quickly realized that was not the life path we wanted to walk, so we quit our day jobs and picked up the Kale, Crystals and Chamomile.  Ok, that is a little bit of a joke, but we’ve found that nature brought us back to balance and we want to help you walk the path to Natural Wellness.

We were both raised by wild women who taught us the value of trusting out inner selves and looking towards alternative therapies for healing.  We welcome the opportunity to bring you back to good health.

We are just starting on this journey, so check back often to see how we are developing!

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